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The next swap is the USECA Swap, Sunday October 29, 

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       Some pictures of the eclipse from my backyard , N8OER
In the picture on the right, there is a sun spot emerging from the shadow
Our 2017 Field Day form has been submitted to the ARRL.
 The weather was great, and no problems with the radios. The setup was the usual "3A", with the antenna arrangement just a little different from past years.
A big thanks to Ed (WD8V) for hosting the Field Day site.
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Buzzards Roost Net   3930 Khz      

                                            Sunday Night NET

The Rag Chewers Net is every Sunday at 8:00 PM

Starting the Second Sunday in September through the First Sunday in June, on the following repeaters.

147.22 +  and  224.46 -  located in Roseville, Michigan    -     also on Echolink "K8NOW-R"